Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penn State: Conspiracy of Cowards

A myriad of people had knowledge of the situation including now former head coach, Joe Paterno.  And they did nothing.  What took place was a conspiracy of cowards that were on the Penn State payroll.  They had the power to do more than what they did.  And they did nothing.  They had the chance to stop the heinous acts.  And they did nothing.   By doing nothing they enabled the monster to continue his predatory acts.  No one who had knowledge of the “elephant in the room” did what was morally right.  They were afraid of doing the right thing and contacting the authorities, because they didn’t want to upset powers that be who were sitting on their hands with the knowledge of what was happening.  They were cowards and they conspired to keep quiet, instead of doing what was morally right.

The unspeakable events that have taken place at Penn State University are incredibly horrific.  The lives of young boys, who are now twenty-something adults, are scarred for life.  One can only hope that they will be able to find some sense of peace in their life. 

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