Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Kings and Queens of January 22

When I restarted my blog, I had every good intention of being more intentional about writing.  Truth be told, I have started to write my next blog five different times, but each time I started, a major news event seemed to take over my thoughts as I was trying to write. This day however, is NOT going to get by without a blog post. 
January 22 is one of the saddest days in this country’s history.  Forty years ago today, Roe vs. Wade was made to become the law of the land.  Fifty five million of our brothers and sisters have been aborted in those 40 years.  When you think of that number in terms of actual people, 55,000,000, the majority of that number would be working citizens who would be helping us reduce our national debt through the taxes they would pay.  Think of the additional income that this nation would have if they hadn’t been aborted.  How many of us know someone who has cancer?  One of those aborted children could have discovered the cure so that the millions who have died from cancer could have been cured, but we’ll never know because they weren’t given the chance to live. 
The late Whitney Houston used to sing that “the children are our future”.  Here in America, to put it bluntly, our future is being killed off.  We don’t value family anymore because we don’t value children.  In Matthew 18, the disciples were discussing who the greatest was going to be in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Jesus used children as an example to explain that the greatest in the kingdom will be the least of these, and the least significant in the kingdom will be ones that are most powerful here on earth.  In Matthew 19, Jesus had children around Him, and He laid hands on them, all of them that had come to see him.  In Biblical times, the laying on of hands on a child was a sign of a blessing on their life.  Jesus cared about children.  I’ll go so far as to say that they were considered as kings and queens to Christ.
Unfortunately, the majority of Americans don’t hold that same view of unborn children, let alone their own children.  However, as Christians we have Scripture such as those in Matthew to teach us that boys will be kings and girls will be queens, if we think of the Kingdom of Heaven the way Christ explains it to be.  That being said, it’s our responsibility as Christians to stand up for the kings and queens who can’t speak for themselves.  Engage people in conversations about the need for our country to start valuing life.  Start spending part of your prayer time petitioning God about what our nation is doing.  My good friends at Vital Signs Ministries have a great prayer plan for the unborn called “the 3 for 5 prayer program”.  You can click on the link and you'll go right to it.  I use it and it has helped me concentrate my prayer life on this issue.  It’s an easy to use program that guides you through five days of prayer with things to pray over for each day. 
Another way to help the cause for life is to volunteer with your local crisis pregnancy center.  Whether it be giving baby clothes or cribs, or whether you want to be trained to help counsel women who are coming to these centers, there are plenty of things to do.  I’m sure that if you seek them out, there would be something that you could do for them.  If you are in the Omaha area, the number for our local CPC is (402) 397-0600.  I know a few of the ladies over there and I’m sure if you took the time to call, you would be welcomed to help. 
America has just inaugurated the most liberal President that this nation has ever lived under.  If we truly expect God to be gracious to us as a nation, then we must start by protecting the most innocent of all.  All of us as Christians must plead for the grace and mercy and forgiveness of Jesus Christ for our nation.  We need a renewed hunger for the Word of God.  We need once again to make a solemn commitment to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit from this day forward.  May God help us.

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  1. Spot on, Kurt. Challenging exhortations, certainly; but you also give relevant, effective action steps. Good job. Thanks for staying the course all these years.